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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

When your garage door isn’t functioning, we can get it working for you again in no time!

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Garage Door Emergency Services

Garage Door Emergency Services

Our garage door repair services are available whenever our customers need them, especially during emergencies.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

When your doors are not properly balanced it could be because of improper spring installation.

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Skilled and reliable garage door repair personnel

Do you have questions about garage door repair services? Here we provide the smartest and easiest answers for your convenience.

Do not be a slave to second hand information! Set yourself free and read up on legitimate and reliable garage door knowledge from experts in the field by visiting our FAQ page. We have compiled the most popular and pressing question based on jobs from previous clients, answered by our professionally trained technicians based on their vocational training and first-hand experience.

Are there different kinds of openers?

There are various ones in terms of their power and type. There are also different brands, but you care to know which one has sufficient horse power for the weight of your door and decide whether you want a chain, screw or belt drive opener.

What is the backup battery system?

It's the new asset of contemporary openers. Until now you were using the emergency release cord when the power was out to open the door. Today, openers use the backup battery system for full autonomy as experts at Garage Door Repair Farmers Branch say.

Why doesn't my garage open upon the pressing of a button?

There are several factors that may contribute to this scenario. According to the expertise provided by professionals at Garage Door Repair Farmersbranch , it is very important to start by checking the source of power. Is the opener connected to an electric power? Most likely, this is the only problem, yet homeowners seem to fail realizing this fact.

Is it easy to change keypad codes?

All wireless garage door keypad systems come with manuals and you can easily program them and change the code. It's safe to do it often and, in most cases, you simply need to enter your personal pin, press the program key and then enter the new code. Manufacturers ensure these processes are easy because they expect that consumers will change their codes frequently and must have the convenience to do it without great efforts.

My garage door made a loud banging noise. What do I do?

Experts from Farmers Branch say that banging noise is a sign that the garage door spring has finally given in. This will need immediate replacing, as the door will not open as long as that spring is broken.

How do I troubleshoot my frozen garage door?

You should stop the opener and disengage it from the power supply. You need to use a heat gun or a hair dryer for melting the ice. The technicians of our garage door repair company explain that you must not use a sharp object for breaking the ice as you can damage the door that way.

How do I choose a durable garage door?

You need to focus on the material and design, according to the professionals of our garage door repair company in Farmers Branch. While both steel and wood doors are quite durable, the former require less maintenance. Pay attention to the thickness of the material and the entire door. Evaluate any insulating material as well.

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