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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

When your garage door isn’t functioning, we can get it working for you again in no time!

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Garage Door Emergency Services

Garage Door Emergency Services

Our garage door repair services are available whenever our customers need them, especially during emergencies.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

When your doors are not properly balanced it could be because of improper spring installation.

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Experienced personnel for bent garage door track repair

If you are searching about new ideas for garage door repair, here you can spot the most original tips.

Keep the panel and garage door parts clean

You must include thorough cleaning when you are engaging in garage door maintenance removing the dirt and rocks from the tracks and dusting the springs and sensors. Keeping the panel clean will enable you to detect early signs of rust and realize that the bottom seal has been worn. The whole system would work better and the door will look better.

Don't neglect the sensors

The sensors might be small in size but they are extremely important for your safety. You must keep them clean and never neglect garage door opener sensors maintenance. The specialists at Garage Door Repair Farmers Branch would suggest testing the reverse system often and replacing the worn wires connecting them with the opener right away. It's the only way to avoid injuries.

Prefer openers for distant control

Most branded modern garage door openers give you the option of activating the system of distant control via computers and smartphones. It would be very convenient, as well as secure way to ensure the door is closed in case of fire or for repairmen.

Get rolling code technologies

Whether you decide to get a wireless garage door keypad or a regular clicker, remember the importance of getting entry access devices that work with rolling codes. The one-frequency remote controls are not safe since they can be tracked easier while remote codes are changing with every click and the next code is chosen at random among 4.3 billion code combinations. There's no way of code copying here.

Installing a garage door opener

The weight of your door must be given emphasis because you want to make sure that the door opener that will be installed is able to take on its weight. Before installation, make sure that the garage door is working properly. You may have to check if there are faulty springs first and replace if required.

Keep the metal tracks aligned

Garage doors move on metal tracks and they are pretty crucial for the workings of your unit. To keep the tracks well maintained, you must clean them with a regular household cleaner to get rid of the hardened grease. Afterwards, check if they are aligned.

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